The Home Inspection

Whether you are selling your home or in the process of purchasing a home, the home inspection is an integral part of the process.  A Home Inspection is a visual, unbiased examination of the physical structure, mechanical systems and safety devices of a home.  In order to better evaluate the condition of the property, it is recommended but not necessary, that the home buyer attend the inspection.  Our reports are delivered in a 19 page easy to read computer generated format.  We will also familiarize you with important details of your new home, such as main water and gas shut-off valves and the main electrical panel.  We provide you with a Home Maintenance Manual and a Home Maintenance Step by Step DVD.


Phase Inspections


Phase inspections are done throughout the building process of your new home.  They consist of three phases.

Pre-Back Fill

The first inspection consists of a thorough inspection of the foundation walls and footing before they are backfilled.  This enables us to look at all aspects of the foundation from the footing (the base on which the walls are built) to the foundation walls (the walls the house is built on).  Having this access lets us see any major cracks or defects in the systems.  At the same time, we check that there are proper drainage systems in place to ensure a water free basement or crawl space.


Pre-Dry Wall

The second inspection, a Pre - Drywall Inspection, consists of an inspection of the framing of the house.  We check for bowed, broken, damaged or improperly installed framing components.  We are also checking floor and ceiling systems for excessive cutting or drilling as result of the improper installation of Plumbing, Electrical and Heating systems.  This inspection allows you to see what is behind the walls before they are covered up - making any repairs needed much more cost effective to you or your builder. 

Final Inspection

The third inspection, The Final Walk Through of your new home.  The best times to schedule this inspection is prior to your builder walk through and before you take possession of your new home.  During this inspection, we look at the details of your new home - from the trim work to the proper operation of the mechanical components of the house (furnace to faucets).  At the conclusion of this inspection we provide a detailed punch list of things for your builder to address before you move in and the project is completed.  We also provide you with a Home Maintenance guide book and DVD to help you maintain your new home.

Our full service Home Inspection will include:


  • ROOF

Home Warranty Inspections

New homes generally come with a one year warranty. During this first year the buyer develops a list of items that need to be addressed by the contractor.  With the help of a trained home inspector you can feel confident that all aspects of the home were evaluated and that no defects have been missed, saving you time and money.


Home Maintenance Walk Through

This is a service that we offer to new home buyers who have deferred the home inspection, but might have questions about maintaining their new home.  During this walk through of the home we will locate and label important aspects of the house such as the Main Water shut off valve, Fuel (propane, natural gas, heating oil) valve shut off to the house, and the main electrical panel.  We will also point out furnace air filters and inform you at the intervals at which they need to be changed, water filters and when they are due for service.  Also answering any questions you might have along the way.  At the conclusion of this walk through we will provide you with a home maintenance manual and DVD to help you better maintain your house in the years to come.